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The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

Joschi  by Ulrich LeiveJoschi  by Ulrich LeiveJoschi  by Ulrich 
LeiveJoschi  by Ulrich 

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Break out of frame

My 9th Birthday
June 15, 2003 - A Great Event

Sunflower ISunflower II Sunflower I

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Happy Birthday

Santana wishes Joschi the best birthday ever.
Have a great day, lots of treats, long walk, and extra hugs.
Singing Happy Birthday wouldn't hurt.

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Max & Sam

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Chestnut Grove Gang

Wishing You A Happy Birthday

Hooray! It's your birthday! There's a whole lot to do...
'Cause it's Ice-Cream-and-Treats And Have-Fun time for you!
Happy Birthday
From Casey, Chico, Wrinkles & Midnight

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Wonderland Gang

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My Birthday Party - Page 2

Joschi and Friends  by 
Ulrich Leive

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