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The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

Joschi © by Ulrich LeiveJoschi © by Ulrich LeiveJoschi © by Ulrich 
LeiveJoschi © by Ulrich 

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MY AWARDS © by Ulrich Leive

My NEWEST Awards - 01/25/2007

We do not apply anymore for awards!
Enough is enough!

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have bestowed their awards upon this site!
The Most Awards Earned By A Personal Homepage

# 1531

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# 1530

Squeekie and Jake's Excellent Site Award

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# 1529

Fairies Ekstasis Award from Spirit Songs

Gift from Spirit Songs

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# 1528

Só Karinho`s

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# 1527

Kodi & Kaleb's Doghouse - The previous URL is no more valid!

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# 1526

Globe Writers Excellent Site Award

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# 1525

Tannia Sels

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# 1524

Shane's Bakery Beautiful Website Award

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