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The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

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Maxwell 1

The first picture of Maxwell is after he had his last bath; I really mean his last bath, because he died on the 28th of June, 2002.

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This is Maxwell
He has passed the *Rainbow Bridge*
and is sadly missed.

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The other picture is what Max looked like most of the time; a little scruffy dog who meant the world to me. - *The owner Carol Carson*

Maxwell 2

Carol Carlson wrote:

I feel as if I know JOSCHI, as I see him so often, and today, I am particularly heartbroken because my Maxwell is not here with me. He was a beautiful and loving Cairn Terrier. He left us on June 28 this year and I just can't recover from this loss. And so, I enjoy little Joschi's pages and his comments, and his stories. This is an excellent site; so clever and well designed. I love the art work and the backgrounds, but then, Joschi, your person is an artist, isn't he?
If I cannot have my dog, I am glad that at least someone has the joy of Joschi's company. I have 1 more year before I can retire from my career, and then I'll get another Cairn Terrier. He will not be Maxwell, but he will be himself and that's good enough for me. I don't get one now because I do not want him to be alone while I'm at work.
Thank you for reading this long note. I feel a little better getting this hurt out of my system. I know that a real dog lover will read this and understand my heart.
God bless you all. I am happy to know that you will be going for your "wee walkie" during the day. Just be careful of those beasts!!

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