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Sandra's Dragons and Unicorns Awards
Sandy's Playground
Sealite's Designs Awards
SFW-Sitekeuring / Sitekeuring.Net
Sgt Pleiku's Place
ShadowRealm Award
Shasta's Shack
Shooter's Cool Site Award
Showing God's Love Award
The Silver Lining News Award
Silverwolf's Poetry Awards
Site du Jour
SkyHawk's Awards - AWARD!
Smoochable Site Award
Snuggles's Pet Award
Soleiloujdi Awards

SONShine Award
Space Odyssey Awards
Spiffy Entertainment Awards
Spiked Shark Award
Spreading Agape' Award
The Star Dancers Awards
Stickiness Award
Stines Award
Sugar_31's Awards
Suncat Award for Web Excellence
Sunny Creations Award of Excellence
Sunshine's Sun Award of Excellence
Suny's One Sweet Site Award
Super Blogger Award
Surfer's Choice Internet Awards
Surflocal Web Excellence Awards
Susurros a un Angel
Sweet Valley Awards

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