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Barb's Homepage Awards
Baywood Pets
Beacon Award
Bear-y Good Website Award
BearzWeb Award
BEATLESNUMBER9 Greatest Site Award
Ben's Seinfeld Award
Bent Bay's Awards
Best of the Web Award
Best of The Web Award Program
Best of the Web Elite Awards
Best of WWWomen Award
BigEye Award Program
Big Oscar
Billy's Genealogy Award
BIMA Awards

Bingocards by me
Biz Web Gold Site
The Blackangel
Black Prince Approved Award - Jangles - the Black Prince
Blessed Be Me Awards
Blue Shoe Award for Sports Website Excellence
Blue Star-Awards
book-look Awards of Excellence
Brazil Awards
Brenda's HockeyTown Awards
Bright Site Award
BTDesign Awards
Business Excellence Award
Business Resource Hot Site Award
Butterfly Site Award Page

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