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Joschi / Thanks to Bitten Jönsson for this beautiful gift!

Gayla Nelson

Joschi / Thanks to Bitten Jönsson for this beautiful gift!

Gayla my friend from Oklahoma


Gayla Nelson from Oklahoma established the TOP TEN list as a part of the Awards Awards and her extensive former site www.gaylasgarden.com where the average homepage has become an obsession!
She loved spending every free minute she had on the computer. She really once was a member of Netaholics Anonymous!
Gayla is a Professor of English and Humanities for the University of Phoenix Tulsa, Oklahoma Campus. Gayla also runs a lakeview rental home and has an online store.
That's the reason why she passed the torch of the internet institution TOP TEN to Ulrich Leive, and he has taken over *The Awards Awards*, as well.
Philosophy of Life - Copyright by Gayla Nelson
Gayla's new motto:
If it's not on the Internet - it won't last long!

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