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Joschi / Thanks to Bitten Jönsson for this beautiful 


Number 6

Joschi / Thanks to Bitten Jönsson for this beautiful 

Updated: March 1, 2009

Sten Lassen - Home of Smile

Sten Lassen - Home of Smile - Bring a smile to the net. Number 6

2066 awards

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Learn Danish, Lesson 1 - Talk to Taxi Drivers

When you visit a foreign country, your first contact with the language is in the taxi.
Here are a few essential sentences. Censored
See how that f------ I---- is driving. Se hvordan den f-------- i---- kører.
Get that d---- car out of here. Få den f--------- vogn væk.
:-( :-}
Me drive, you point. Mig køre, dig vise vej.
Haven't we been here before Du kører i ring
Wasn't that easy? You can go to Denmark now.
Come back, next time you can learn how to buy souvenirs.

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Number 6

2066 awards

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