The Awards Awards
A Web Directory for Award Pages

If you are looking for a place to apply for awards for your website...

The Awards Awards

A Web Directory for Award Pages

Attention webmasters!!!

Get your site listed in the Awards Awards - this web directory has a great number of awards that you can apply for and is growing DAILY!  If you give an award, then by all means join!

Attention award seekers!!!

If you want to apply for awards, then get comfy and get to clicking because you have hit a gold mine of places to apply.  Many of these sites offer more than one award, so check them out and apply, apply, apply! Maybe someday YOU will be one of the TOP TEN most awarded Homepages on the net!

If you want your site added, deleted, or changed,

send an EMAIL to

and don't forget to tell me the NAME of the award you want listed. If you offer more than one award, you will be listed by the name of your site, i.e. "this website's awards".

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The list is alphabetical by the name of the award.  "Numbered" awards under Z.

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If your page is listed here, you are entitled to the Awards Award membership logo.
Link one of these logos to

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*Important Note* - This alphabetical listing is checked periodically to eliminate dead links and sites that have stopped giving awards.  If you do not have the membership logo on your award site your page may be dropped from this listing without notice. I am linking to your site in here, please link back to this site on your page.  It's common web courtesy.

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