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Awards Earned By A Personal Home Page

Joschi / Thanks to Bitten Jönsson for this beautiful 


History  VII

Joschi / Thanks to Bitten Jönsson for this beautiful 

There are hundreds of sites awarding awards to web pages which appeal to the particular aesthetics of the awarder.   For a web page to earn a large number of these awards is a distinction, for it indicates that that web page has broad appeal in both content and style.

August 14, 2002

Congratulations to these awesome award winning sites !

Number 1
3483 awards
stenlogo.jpg (3094 bytes)
stenlogo2.gif (6848 bytes)
Number 2
2066 awards
axelogo.jpg (9275 bytes)
Number 3 2040 awards
Sandpiper's Nest
Number 4
1924 awards


Number 5
1680 awards
Number 6
1601 awards
Texas Precancel Club

Number 7
1594 awards
Number 8
1523 awards
Number 9
1474 awards
Ann's Art
Number 10
1469 awards
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